Wisdom Frozen in Time Vol – I In Search of Treasure: Kolkata and Guwahati

Director: R Bharathadri
Duration: 17 min, 14 sec
Script: Gautam Chatterjee

Calcutta University Manuscript Library:The film traces the collections built up over time and highlights some texts – Sapta Ratna (seven holy Buddhist symbols); AṣṭaSahasrikā Prajñā Pāramitā; Tibetan manuscripts on medicine; 250 year- old Oriya text on Caitanya Caritāmṛta; 300 year­ old Vedānta text, etc.

Asiatic Society, Kolkata:It has 47,000 manuscripts in twenty-six languages. Some of the manuscripts shown in the film are Āin-i-Akbarī, Kubjikśmatam Tarjumā-i-Mahābhārata and View of Calcutta, 1848.

Bangiya Sahitya Parishad: It has a great number of old Sanskrit and Bengali manuscripts.

Sanskrit Sahitya Parishad: The manuscripts of the Mahabharata and theBhāgavat Mahāpurāṇa on palm leaf and bark are preserved here.

Guwahati University Library: The film highlight the various aspect of Guwahati with special reference to Śaktipīṭha and surveys the huge collection of illustrated manuscripts from thirteenth century, inscribed in various scripts on the insect repellent bark of agāru tree. 

Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti:It has a rare collection of 300 manuscripts. The manuscripts showcased are: poet Harihara Bipra’s the Lavakuśa YuddhaĀdiparva of theMahābhārata on Sāñcī patra. The Gita Govinda in Assamese script; illustrated Ānanda Laharī by Ananta Acharya; a seventeeth-century manuscript ofSacitra Sundara kāṇḍa.

Narayani Handiqui Historical Institute: This institute has illustrated agāru bark manuscripts such as the śalya Parva, a seventeenth-century manuscript; the Hasti Vidyāraṇya;manuscript on the medicinal treatment of elephant; the Baṭuka Bhairava, a Tāntrik text, the Aṅkīya Naṭ; the Kaṅkā kāṇḍa, by Madhava Kandali.

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