Wisdom Frozen in Time Vol – III In Search of Treasure Tanjavur and Bubhaneswar

Director: R Bharathadri
Duration: 1 hr, 12 min
Script: Gautam Chatterjee

Tamil University, Thanjavur: Has a repository of 8,000 palm-leaf manuscripts and more than 500 bundles of palm-leaf revenue records.

Saraswati Mahal, Thanjavur: It has 30,433 palm-leaf manuscripts and 6,426 books. The Nāvāvidha Nighaṇṭu in Sanskrit and the Telugu Dictionary, the Kamba Rāmāyaṇam, catalogue of manuscripts prepared in palm leaves by Mahārāja Sarfojī, 1801 are also shown in the documentary.

State Museum, Bhubaneswar: It has rare collections of about 37,000 manuscripts mainly on palm leaves. One can also see Buddhist Tibetan texts, ornate tantrik texts, illustrated Vaiṣṇava texts as also manuscripts made in the shape of sword, parrot and hand-fan, bamboo leaf,mouse, etc.

Library of Utkal University: This manuscript library has a great collection of palm-leaf manuscripts mainly brought from the Jagannātha Temple, both on ritual and administration. Some of the manuscripts are on Daśāvatāra and Devī iconography.

Kedarnath Gaveshana Pratishthan, Bhubaneswar: This library has some 3,000 rare manuscripts on palm leaves. Some of these are on the Bhāgavata the Gīta Govinda and mathematics.

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