Kaladarsana – Division for Exhibition and Presentation

Kaladarsana Division is mandated to manifest the activities of IGNCA in the form of exhibitions, performances, concerts, workshops and lectures. It supports all the Divisions of IGNCA in executing their programmes. Bal Jagat, the Children’s programme of IGNCA is under Kaladarsana. The main focus of this programme is to share the cultural heritage of our nation with school children, focusing mainly on government schools and those from underprivileged sections.


Kaladarsana is also in charge of maintenances of the spaces. It books all the venues of IGNCA for both internal and external programmes.


IGNCA has three major indoor exhibition spaces. They are Twin Art Gallery, Matighar and Exhibition Hall. The first two are located at C V Mess and the third at 11, Mansingh Road. Matighar is temporarily closed for renovation. There is an Auditorium (seating capacity of 200), a film-screening audi with (capacity of 65), a lecture hall (capacity 70), a conference room (capacity 65), and several lawns. The details of the spaces and their dimensions are available here (please create link)


Kaladarsana, as the Division of outreach of IGNCA activities works for the publicity and promotion of events at the IGNCA. It works in close coordination with the PR agency. The content for publicity is vetted and given to the PR agency.


Kaladarsana releases two programme schedule a month by mail, on the 1st and 15th, not merely listing the events, but also giving details about each of them. Anyone wishing to subscribe to this service may please click here
Kaladarsana is also the medium of interaction of IGNCA on Facebook and Twitter. Short clippings of the programmes of IGNCA are uploaded on Youtube by Kaladarsana.


Venue Booking
Providing the venue for any event is taken care of by this Division which maintains annual list of programmes to be held at different venues of the IGNCA including Mati Ghar, Twin Art Galleries, Exhibition Hall and Lecture Hall at 11, Mansingh Road, Conference Hall at C.V. Mess, Auditorium at C.V. Mess and Media Centre; Amphitheatre and the open lawns of the IGNCA.
Bookings are done based on the availability of the venue at a particular date and time. The official procedures for any outside organization or individual require contacting the Division and presenting the proposal and receiving approval from senior authorities of the IGNCA. If an event is being held by the other organisation in collaboration with IGNCA, the venues are given for free and an MOU is signed between the two institutions. In case of non-collaborative programmes, the outside institution/individual has to make payments for the respective venues.