Folklore And Intangible Cultural Heritage

The present course will introduce the students to both Indian and western perspectives and studies on Folk and Folk Cultural Heritage of India, including Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Programmes of the UNESCO. It will also train the students to document, archive, and digitalize cultural forms and artifacts. The focus of the course would be on both theoretical and practical aspects of documentation, preservation, conservation and safeguarding of folklore and ICH in a holistic and context sensitive framework, including the issues concerning intellectual property rights.

UNESCO’s Programme on safeguarding ICH will be a major component of the course, where students will be introduced to the UNESCO conventions on Safeguarding Folklore and Safeguarding ICH. The students will be trained in preparing ICH dossiers, national inventories and registers for ICH and programmes like Cultural Mapping of Heritage.

The course will be module based and will have the following modules:

Module 1   Defining Folklore and Folkloristics

Module 2   Performance Traditions

Module 3   Arts and Crafts Tradition

Module 4   Safeguarding Folklore, ICH and IPR