Research and Publication Division

The Kala kosa investigates the intellectual traditions in their dimensions of multi-layers and multi-disciplines. As a research and publication division it endeavours to place the arts within the integral framework of a cultural system, combining the textual with the oral, the visual with the aural, and theory with practice.

The Indian arts, both in theory (sastra) and practice (prayoga), are branches of a single unified living tree of Indian culture. They are sustained by, and in turn nurture, other dimensions of life. The world-view has crystallised in some fundamental concepts, which reflect the understanding of the cosmos, of space and time, of the centre and periphery, of the part and the whole, of body, senses and the mind. An interdisciplinary approach is the first pre-requisite to interlink the sciences (Ganita, Jyotisa, Ayurveda, etc.) with philosophy and with the various branches of the arts. The Kala kosa division is committed to exploring these fundamental concepts, as they reflect a holistic vision, characteristic of the Indian world-view, but whose survival is today threatened by limitations of narrow specialisation. So far, most research has been focussing in single disciplines or within limited historical periods, and a serious investigation into the interrelatedness of all these fields has been greatly lacking. While this insularity and compartmentalization of knowledge was conditioned by the manner of development in the field of the natural sciences in the 19th century, modern physics, biology and medicine have already questioned the purely linear approach. Thus, IGNCA’s approach as based on the recognition of interrelatedness between areas and subjects, is fully supported by the latest insights and theories of the scientific community.

Keeping this in view, the Kala kosa Division works toward identifying primary concepts, fundamental to the Indian world-view, which have permeated all disciplines and dimensions of life, bringing to light primary textual source material hitherto unknown, unpublished or inaccessible both in the original language as also translation, and placing before future generation the works of the savants who have been pioneers in giving direction and light for comprehending the artistic traditions through a holistic vision, cross-cultural context, and multi-disciplinary methodology. Around 120 volumes have been published under three publication series of the Division viz. Kalātattvakośa, Kalāmūlaśāstra, Kalāsamālocana

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Lall

HoD, Kalakosa Division & Project Director (Bharat Vidya Prayojana, 
Vedic Heritage Portal & Nari Samvaad Prakalp) 
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), 
Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. 

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