Tanjavur Brhadisvara An Architectural Study

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1995, 244pp, line drawings, b&w plates, bibl, index ISBN: 81-85503-04-4, Rs 1000(HB)

The Bṛhadīśvara temple also known as the Rājarājeśvara Temple built by Rāja Rāja I in CE 1010. has been acclaimed as the finest achievement of Coḷa art. The present volume on the architecture of the Bṛhadīśvara Temple is the first of technical monographs. Itis only appropriate that the architectural plan of the monument should precede the other studies relating to inscriptions, sculptural programme on inner and outer walls, murals in the garbhagṛha, karaṇas on the upper storeys, and much else. A standard code has been devised so that all subsequent studies will follow the same code. It is the monument which provides centrality to the region and constitutes the steel frame for further studies on other aspects.