Slides on Shadow Puppet

SL-41184 – SL-41215 (total 37 slides)

These are the slides of Indonesian shadow puppets called ‘Wayang Purwa’. This is from the story of ‘Panaji’ who was a hero in Indonesia. This is to note that no woman figure is shown in these slides. These puppets are made by deer and buffalo hide and beautifully coloured.


Sangeet Natak Academy arranges workshops, festivals, exhibitions on puppetry. So they have a huge collection of slides and photographs on shadow puppets. They have also video clippings of different shadow puppet show.


Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, New Delhi makes video recording of different traditional puppet groupes in India. So they have a collection of photographs and slides on traditional puppets of India, including shadow puppet. C.C.R.T.

published 2 folios on ‘Art of Puppetry’ which contain 24 colour photographs in each folio on puppets in India.