Division for Administrative Support and Coordination

The Sutradhara provides the administrative, managerial and organisational support and services to all the Divisions of the IGNCA. It serves as a nodal administrative Division and central coordinator of programmes. It comprises Administration, Finance, Accounts, Services & Supplies and International Dialogue Unit. TOWARDS AN 0N-LINE AUDIO-VISUAL CULTURAL ARCHIVE By (Dr) Utpal K Banerjee Tagore Research Scholar


Research and Documentation of Ethnographic Collection of North East India in the Janpada Sampada Archives of the IGNCA, New Delhi) by Prof. A. K. Das Tagore Research Scholar


Hon’ble Dr. Sachidanand Joshi, Member Secretary of Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts (IGNCA), Ministry of Culture Government of India, New Delhi addressing the Sulabh volunteers at the Sulabh Campus on August 06, 2016.
Watch at https://youtu.be/dNcTdQYhG9Y