agniAgnicayana is probably to be the oldest surviving ritual of humanity. If offers extraordinary insight into Vedic times and highlights the origin of many features of South Asian cultures. It provides a unique opportunity for the study of oral tradition and transmission. Cross-culturally, the Agnicayana raises important issues such as the origin and production of fire, its transfer from one place to another and its worship; as also the art of burning of istaka (bricks) which is an expression linguistically related to Avestan “Istya”.This interactive content exploration system offers a highly complex structure of space-time co-ordinates, rituals, text and spoken word. Aspects of sequentiality and concurrency are highlighted. Apart from insights into the ritual, it focuses on science and technology that arose in connection with it, including geometry and linguistics.FRITS STALL has been Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and of South and Southeast Asian Studies, at University of California, Berkeley. He has published about 120 research papers and the following major books: Advaita and Neoplatonism,Nambudiri Veda Recitation, Word Order in Sanskrit and Universal Grammar, Exploring Mysticism, etc.H.G. RANADE, Ph. D. (University of Bombay) has been Professor at Deccan College and Editor and Co-ordinator on its Sanskrit Dictionary Project. His major books include Katyanana Srauta Sutra, Aashvalayana Srauta Sutra, Brahmatva Manjariand Latyayana Srauta Sutra.

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