Ajantā : A World Heritage Site From Maharashtra, India

The present CD-ROMs on Ajantā is an attempt to provide comprehensive knowledge and visual experience on Ajantā, a major heritage site of India, included in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage monument. The CD-ROM includes virtual walkthrough of all the caves, narratives of Jataka and related stories of Buddha, approximately 1 hour of Introductory video, approximately 1500 illustrated images, Articles from eminent authorities, Bibliography, Glossary, etc. Using the benefits of Digital Technology search facility has been incorporated to select the material available in CD irrespective of their format. From view point of technology, the site poses challenges, as the caves are endangered due to ravages of time.

The identification of Jatakas and scenes from the life of the Buddha and other devotional and ornamental depictions are based on the identifications by Dieter Schlingloff and Monika Zin.


System requirement : Mac (OS X), PC Pentium 4 CPU with 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, DVD-Drive, 1024×768 32-bit color display, Microsoft Windows) with Internet browser (IE 6 or higher / Safari)
ISBN No. : 81-85503-08-7
Year : 2005
Price : Rs. 300/-