Devadasi Murai

The term “Devadāsī” refers to a female ritual specialist; good luck and well being are in her hands. Flickering lamps, cooling water, music and dance are her instruments. A formal ceremony solemnised her dedication to the God of the temple. In Tamil Nadu this millennia old tradition has seen great hey days.

This CD-ROM has been published in December 1997. This CD-ROM is part of IGNCA’s endeavour to digitise the multidimensional performative rituals within the architectural space of Brhadisvara temple. The CD-ROM facilitates virtual experience of the spatial and temporal context of south Indian music and dance.

SASKIA KERSENBOOM, Ph.d. in Indology and Theatre Science (State University of Utrecht, Holland), is presently Associate Professor of Linguistics at Amsterdam, Holland. She has specialised in south Indian languages, literature and performing arts and has training in Indian classical dance, vocal and instrumental music. One of her major publications is Nityasumangali, Devadāsī Tradition in south India.

This CD ROM Offers :

  1. Approximately 50-minute Linear Journey in Sound and Image.
  2. Interactive non-linear access to individual segments.
  3. Interactive visual simulation of the relationship between Pradakshina, Darsana and Upacara.

mura_05 mura_01