Man & Mask

Masks and their manifold forms are a very significant mode of cultural expression. This is one of the many ways through which cultures have given voice to their powerful cognition and most subtle emotions, to define their inner and outer realities. Mask refers to the total personality of a person rather than an aspect of the self. It also refers to disguise that hides the real identity of a person.This is an Interactive Multimedia presentation to support the study of Masks by offering a database largely comprising of selected Mask images from IGNCA’s collection from 22 countries of the world. The Kiosk based on this database was installed in the public exhibition on “Man & Mask” in February 1998.

Such an Interactive database will help a user to browse this collection:(i) either by nine geographical regions, countries or specific locations. or,(ii) by individual or groups of masks, classified in over fifty categories.

JOHN EMIGH, a Professor at Brown University; performed one man shows based on Balinese mask techniques throughout the United States, Bali and India; written extensively on masked drama of New Guinea, Bali, and India; made a film on the life of Hajari Bhand, a performer in Chittorgarh and is currently working on a study of the Prahlada Nataka of Orissa. He has written a book on Masked Performance: The play of self and other in Ritual & Theatre.

Additional database support was given by —

USHA MALIK, ex-Secretary, Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi.


DADI D. PUDUMJEE, Ishara Puppet Theatre, New Delhi.
DVD-ROM titled “Man & Mask: Rupa-Pratirupa” was released by Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan on 26th October 2010 during her Inaugural Lecture “Masks Unmasked, Puppets Inanimate and Animate, Stories with Stories”

ISBN No. : 978-93-80935-01-0
Year : 2010
Price : Rs. 300/-