Rock Art

Man’s first awareness of the world around came through his primeval sense of sight and ability to hear. These two senses have stimulated artistic expressions – visual and aural, in the pre-historic past as also contemporary cultures. The twin programmes of Adi Drsya (primeval sight) and Adi Sravya (primeval sound) have been initiated by the Centre to trace the long continuities in the Indian arts. Rock art forms the crucial programme of the Adi Drsya programme. It might in all probability be the oldest legacy of mankind.

Based on documentation, research and, to an extent, recreation of this ancient creative urge of man, this project will be a user friendly Computer Aided learning (CAL) application for children to access digital collection of slides, photographs and paintings with the help of quiz, slide show and modules on theme, dating, colour etc.

B.M. PANDE was in the Archaeological Survey of India for more than 36 years, from where he retired as Director. He has been associated with several major archaeological excavations in India. He directed the excavations at Thanesar, district Kurukshetra, Haryana, while he was the Director of the Institute of Archaeology. He is associated with several universities and institutions and has a large number of publications to his credit. He was awarded the prestigiousShankar Puruskar for his Hindi work.

Year : 2000
Price : Rs. 750/-

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