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080 – Story of Kumara Kassapa

Buddha’s fondness for children is well reflected by his care and attention as is evidenced by his care for the tots like the two Sopakas, Chulla Panthaka, Dabba Mallaputta, Kumara Kassapa and so on.

Once a woman wanted to join the Order of the Buddha; but was not allowed by her parents. So, she married a wealthy banker of Rajagaha; and in course of time succeeded in obtaining his permission to join the Sangha as a nun. But soon it was noticed that she was pregnant. Alarmed, some monks and nuns brought this matter to Devadatta, who in turn accused her of misconduct. Eventually, the matter was brought before the Buddha, who entrusted Upali to investigate into the matter. Upali conducted the enquiry with the help of Visakha and other residents of Savatthi and found her innocent. He then announced the truth in the court of Savatthi King.

When the nun delivered the baby, the Buddha blessed him. The baby, received the name Kumara Kassapa; and was reared by the king of Savatthi for seven years. Then he received his ordination at the age of seven.

See Anguttara Nikaya 1.24; Theragatha Atthakatha 1.322.