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100 – Kakusandha Buddha

Kakusandha is known as the twenty-second Buddha in the Pali tradition. He was born in Khema Park. The name of his father was Aggidatta, who was a Brahmin priest of the king Khemankara of Khemavati. The name of his mother was Visakha. The name of his wife was Virochamana and of the son Uttara.

He renounced the worldly life on a chariot at the age of four thousand years; and practised austerities for eight months. He accepted the milk-rice from a brahmin girl Vajirindha of the village Suchirindha just before his Enlightenment; and sat on the grass seat prepared by Subhadda. He attained Enlightenment under a Sirisa tree; and delivered his first sermon to the assembly of eighty-four thousand monks in a park near Makila.

His chief disciples were Vidhura and Sanjiva among the monks; and Sama and Champa among the nuns. His principal attendant was Buddhija. Acchuta and Samana among the men; and Nanda and Sunanda among the women were his chief patrons. Acchuta built a monastery for Kakusandha Buddha on the same site, which was later chosen by Anathapindika for Jetavana Arama for Gotama Buddha.

According to the Samyutta Nikaya (ii.194) the Vepulla mount of Rajgir was then called Pachinvamsa; and the people of the region Tivara.

He died at the age of forty thousand years.

The Bodhisatta during the time of Kakusandha was born as King Khema.

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Kakusandha Buddha on the panel Cave 17, Ajanta